Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2012 A New Era...

A new era is about to come

Signs are visible now

Disappearing snow of Arctic and Himalaya

Makes an evidence now

A new era is about to come

Signs are visible now

Happening earth quacks

Pass on the message of it arrival

A new era is about to come

Signs are visible now

Floods in desert and

The threatening snow falls

Give us a warn

A new era is about to come

Signs are visible now

High waves of tsunami

Is a glimpse

it is so not far

it’s now time to wait

we’ll meet it or

it will go a little far…

--- Amit

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It is Mauritius...

The ringing bells
of a nearby church
wakes me up.
Smiling faces, saying me hello
on my jogging track
energies me up.
A small rush
to catch office bus,
is a habit of mine, now.
Work at the time of work,
fun at the time of leisure,
time is more respected now.
Change is the law of nature
so do I,
cricket is gone
soccer is what I like now.
I do fish, I do surf
I make castle of sand,
I enjoy nature all around
where ever I look around.
It is time of Magrib Adhan,
I am back home now.
No, surprise my friend
I am in Mauritius, now।

--- amit 20/04/2010

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Whom I know ...

When ever,
I look back to my past
I find myself
Surrounded by
Lots of sweet memories
And a handful of dreams
Yet, to come true…
Lots of old friends
Who left behind
And some new
Who are around…
I see
All the roads
Heading to my home
Are quite far now
But my house is too close…
All the pleasure
Those used to charm me
I enjoy no more…
People come to me
They say, they know me
But I am in search of me…
Don’t know what to call it
May be this is the life
Whom I know …

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Art of Achieving...

The art of achieving isn't hard to masters;
But not easy to be a master…
Lots of knowledge
Lots of confidence
So much of experience
And very clear vision
When all come together
Then its makes a master there…
We had big dreams
And had bold decisions
We held our hand together
And laid the foundation
For better tomorrow…
We build up leadership;
Remain disciplined,
Have clear vision,
That motivates
Towards integrity;
To concentrate on our goals,
Follow the ethics and
Perform best of best
By sharing
Our Knowledge and thoughts.
Limits are not made for us
We have given wings to
Thought and imagination
And innovation is high in us.
We are open to all;
And remain transparent
This earns the trust of all.
These constant efforts;
Has made a master in all of us.

--- Amit 29/09/08

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


One cannot see it

It just can be felt

One cannot tie it

It just keeps us tied

It has no voice

To be understood it should be felt

No religion No caste

No way

It is so far

No boundary comes to its way

It goes deeper in to heart

Leaving boundaries apart

It is nothing but feelings

Which is there deep heart

--- Amit 13/05/08

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Wait For You...

Night was taking it's last breaths
and day was about to conqure the bettle
still there was someone
alone and sad
waiting for someone
eyes are telling
how tired they are
of keeping on waiting
for whole night
that was no one else
than me
who was waiting for you
i was sad
because you did not come
and you lost your words
it was worthless
waiting for you
i already knew
you would not come
still there was a hope
in my heart
and i believed in my love
and kept on waiting for you
you think, i am crazy
yes, you may be right
but you don't know
i have faith in my love
no matter , you don't care for me
but i am sure
one day will come
when you will realise my love
my feeling for you
then you will come to me
and will beg for my love
i'll wait for that time
i know the day will come soon
when we will be togather
and my love will be in my arms ...

--- Amit 10/05/05

Monday, July 16, 2007

O! My Love...

every moment of my life
i am busy
i am busy with your thoughts
as the sun shines everyday in sky
and stars come out in night
same i am busy
dreaming all about you
you are always
in my mind, in my heart
now matter how far we are
miles are there between us
still you are there i my heart
don't you ever feel my hug
when the wind blows
don't you feel my smell
when the wind blows
try to listen to what it says
when it comes close
it says my message to you
it passes my cares to you
it gives my love to you
and when it rains
its my love falling on you
sometimes i send some special thing to you
so when you feel
a cool touch on wind on your cheeks
it's my kisses to you
all this is true
i am crazy
i am crazy all about you
O! my love
i always want to be with you...

--- Amit 28/05/05